Announcing the 2012 NAYGN Drawing Contest Winner!

04 Dec, 2012

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Congratulations to the 2012 NAYGN Drawing Contest winner – Kailey from Jefferson Elementary in Monroe, Michigan!

2012 NAYGN Drawing Contest Winner – Kailey – Submitted by the Fermi Nuclear Station NAYGN Chapter

Kailey did a great job and won by an overwhelming majority of the approximately 4800 votes received on the Clean Energy Insight website! Congrats to the Fermi 2 NAYGN Chapter for hosting her contest as well.

Second place goes to Isabelle from Tenie Holmes Elementary in Bay City Texas, and Third place to Lillian from Millville Elementary School in Millville, PA – who both did an awesome job representing Nuclear Energy!

The top 5 finalists were showcased at the American Nuclear Society Winter Conference in San Diego, CA, and received numerous votes and praises from members across the board.

The 2012 NAYGN Drawing Contest at the ANS Winter Conference in San Diego, CA in November.


Thank you to everyone who helped NAYGN represent the 14th Annual Drawing Contest at ANS Winter Meeting 2012!

Thank you to everyone who helped out from the 19 different NAYGN chapters, and to all who participated in the 38 contests – and especially to the nearly 1500 kids who submitted drawings this year! “Roddy Nuclear Builds Tomorrow” with an emphasis on new plant construction was a great theme this year in particular as we all look forward to the new and exciting nuclear growth efforts underway across North America.

Thanks again for everyone’s participation – please stay tuned on the CEI & NAYGN websites for pictures and posts in the next month as the winners and their schools receive their prizes!

Here is a link to the original Drawing Contest voting announcement post!

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