Tennesse Senator Proposes 100 New Reactors

15 Jul, 2009

( By Carrington Dillon ) [Approx. Read Time: 2 minutes]

lamar_alexanderOn Monday, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) unveiled his blueprint to construct 100 new Nuclear Power reactors in the United States.  Sen. Alexander brought up a couple of good points, like the amount of land area required for Nuclear Power vs. solar and wind powers.  For example, to generate 2000 MW, Nuclear Power requires less than 1 sq. mi., solar requires approximately 100 sq. mi., and wind requires approx. 420 sq. mi.  Since so-called environmental groups have seemingly lost the battle trying to discount Nuclear Power’s environmental effects, they have turned to the cost of the reactors.  Keep in mind that these groups regularly cite the Center for American Progress’ recent analysis of the costs associated with Nuclear–a study that many have questioned recently including the Heritage Foundation and NEI.  A link to the article on Sen. Alexander’s proposal can be found here.  Check out an excerpt below:

“We Americans invented the technology,” he said Monday in outlining his proposal for construction of a hundred new nuclear generation plants. “Isn’t it about time we got back into the game?”

The primary advantage of going nuclear is that the technology is proven. Nuclear power plants exist around the world, and other countries are building new ones. The United States erected a hundred nuclear plants between 1970 and 1990, Alexander points out, but stopped after the Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island incidents created a national phobia.

Experience has proven that the meltdown genie is a myth. Nuclear power today is as safe as any available technology, and vastly less polluting.”

And, as Alexander pointed out, they require vastly more space than nuclear plants. In his words, “There is no need to destroy the environment in the name of saving the environment.”

“The difficulties with nuclear power are political, not technological; social, not economic,” our senior senator said. “The main obstacle is a lingering doubt and fear in the public mind about the technology.”

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  1. July 19, 2009

    It is possible that Sen. Alexander’s speech is an opening for compromise on the climate bill passed by the House and which the Senate will take up in September.

    Dan Yurman, publisher, Idaho Samizdat, a blog about nuclear energy


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