Benefits of Clean Wind Energy

Just like the sun, the wind is always there – the only difference between the two is that even though it is nighttime, the wind still occurs and the sun is not. The wind is free and clean and it is a renewable source of energy.

Wind energy offers a lot of benefits and that is why it is the fastest growing source of energy all over the world. Furthermore, wind energy doesn’t get contaminated, instead, it’s inexhaustible and believe it or not – it minimizes the use of fuels.

How does wind energy work?

Wind energy simply starts to work with a simple technology called “turbine.” Vertical axis and horizontal axis are the two types of these turbines; in which the vertical-axis appears similar to an eggbeater and horizontal-axis is definitely familiar to you – it includes 2-3 large propeller or blades. These turbines convert a wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical power. An energy that can be found in the wind and make the turbine’s blades surround into a rotor which is affiliated with the particular shaft, which spins the generator to produce electricity.

this image shows benefits of clean energy

Advantages of Using Wind Energy

You can’t deny the fact that wind energy has a lot to offer and we can use it for several purposes. Here are the advantages of using wind energy:

Sustainable & Renewable

You will never run out of wind unlike with using fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coil – and that’s what makes wind energy the best option to have a sustainable supply of power.


The most basic reason to prove that wind energy is environmentally-friendly is that turbines do not produce any kind of pollution when creating electricity.

Reduces the consumption of fossil fuel

Using wind energy can really lessen the use and need for fossil fuels like coil, gas, and oil, which carries a lot of pollutions when used.


The wind is entirely free and always available either it is daytime or nighttime. You don’t have to pay for it to get it unlike with non-renewable sources of energy.

Here are more advantages of wind energy:

•    It helps remote locations to have electricity.

•    Cheaper in price

•    Low cost of maintenance

•    Low cost of running

•    It has a huge potential

•    It increases energy security.

•    It helps a lot of people to have jobs.

•    Wind energy is not only for industrial use but also for domestic use.

Challenges of Using Wind Energy

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. So, here are the following challenges that might occur when using wind energy:

•    Installing a wind energy system is quite expensive.

•    The wind might vacillate, change, and might not blow all the time even though it is always available.

•    Using wind turbines can be a threat to bats and birds and other wildlife.

•    Wind turbines produce noise.

Even though there are disadvantages of using wind energy, still, it cannot affect the earth and you will save a lot of money if you use it.