Is Solar Power Truly a Clean Energy?

this image shows is solar power truly a clean energy

Solar power energy is a technology and used to harness the sun ray’s energy and makes it useable to produce electricity. As of 2210, solar technology produced less than the one-tenth of the one percent of global demand for energy.

Solar energy as clean power source

Many of you are familiar with so-called cells of photovoltaic, or by the name of solar panels, found one thing like spacecraft, handheld, and rooftop calculators. These cells are made of semiconductor material as we have seen in the computer chips. When the sunlight hit these cells, it starts knocking electrons and they loose from their atoms. In result, the electrons flow from these cells and generate electricity.

Solar thermal plants

On a larger scale, the solar thermal plant employs various tricks and techniques to concentrate the sun’s ray’s energy as a heating source. This heat is used to boil water and drive steam power turbines and they generate electricity the same as coal and nuclear power plants and supplies electricity to thousands of people.

How to harness the solar power

In some methods, U-shape long troughs mirrors focus the sunlight on an oil pipe and it runs through the center. This hot oil, later on, boils water for the generation of electricity. Moveable mirrors technique is also used in some cases, moveable mirrors focus the sunlight on the collector tower, a receiver sits here. Later on, molten salt flows through this receiver and heated to run the generator.

this image shows solar thermal plants

Passive solar power sources

There are passive solar technologies are available. For example, a big window placed on the sunny side of the building and it allows to heat the absorbent materials on the house floor and the walls. Later on, these surfaces release heat in the night and keep the building warm. Absorbent plates similarly installed on a roof heat the liquid in turbines and supply hot water to a house. Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source. It is noise and pollution free. Solar technology is versatile.

Pitfalls of solar energy

Solar energy stops working at night it needs a storage device like a battery. Solar energy also not work in cloudy weather clouds make this technology unreliable during sunny weather. Solar technology is very expensive and it requires lots of land and area to collect sunlight and produce electricity.

Despite these drawbacks, the use of solar energy is rapidly boosting by 20 percent annually over the past 10 years. Credit goes to rapidly fall costs and efficiency gains. Germany, Japan, and the U.S. are major marketplaces for the solar cells. With some tax incentives and more efficient coordination by energy companies, solar energy can pay for itself in six to ten years. Solar energy is a clean and pollution-free energy source in the world and rapidly increasing its use in villages and cities of all countries.