How To Use Wind Power In Your Home

this image shows how to use wind power at home

Wind power produces no emission making it one of the cleanest sources of energy. If you live in a home that has enough space, then with a large turbine you can be able to generate all of your power from the wind. Homes that have huge farms can also save on electricity by using a turbine to pump to the farms from a borehole or a well.

Using wind power at home

If you are thinking of using wind power to generate energy for your home, then below are ways to do it.


If the average annual wind speed in your area is at least nine miles per hour, then an off-grid wind turbine is perfect for you. Off-grid wind power systems are very appropriate in rural areas where there are no inhibitions and regulations that property owners encounter in the cities. Make sure that your off-grid has batteries so that you can be able to store any un-used electricity which you can use when there is no wind blowing.

Combination with other sources

Most people combine wind and solar energies to complement each other.  The two work very well since they produce available energy intermittently; when it is very hot for example during summer, it is less windy whereas it is very windy during winter and spring when there is no sun.

this image show the traditional way how to use wind power in your home

Use the old traditional way

You can use the early conventional form that was used in industrial operations that relied on wind turbines. Most farmers also used windmills to pump water and milled grains. These original windmills are still used, and with the design made to work at low speeds, they work like any other wind turbine.

Battery charging

You can use off-grid wind turbines as a way of conserving electricity where you charge your battery banks and use when the wind is not blowing. You can also apply the same concept and charge batteries for other electrical equipment that you use and might need to charge like a lawnmower, and there are even turbines available for charging your phones and laptops.

Although these concepts may not produce enough electricity to use at your home, they will allow you to change from gas-powered equipment to the battery when charging these devices, thereby saving on electricity cost.

Final Thoughts

Although wind energy technology is still evolving, and there are still a few issues in the urban areas, you can utilize the above ways and even save some money. You can use residential wind turbines as a supplemental source lowering your home’s dependence on the grid, and you will see a noticeable reduction on the energy you consume. Work with an expert who will advise you on the right equipment to fit your needs.